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February 6, 2018
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February 13, 2018

2018 vs. 2010 Information Technology Scenario

“2018 will be driven by a growing demand for real-time data capture and Business focus on Mobile Workforces with impetus on Reskilling and Retraining initiatives. Integration capabilities will face minor hurdles for effective Technology Implementation”.

Mr. Joseph Jayakumar CEO, Amstar Technologies

On the Information Technology front recently Mobility has seen an accelerated growth chart in Indian enterprises in the recent years. In a survey by IDC, 37% of the Indian organizations have rated enterprise mobility as crucial. With IoT and other enabling technologies like Analytics and Cloud, the adoption of mobility is rapidly increasing and combined with the impact of Augmented Reality / Virtual Reality, enterprise mobility will witness a transcendental shift in the way customers and enterprises perceive it in present context.

This is causing a Fear of missing out (FOMO) scenario in large and mid scale technology players as they are not sufficiently mapped or adequately trained operationally as they grow laterally in their job sectors. Compared to 2010 which was witnessing a boom in Cloud, Digital and Social Evangelism today’s sector is Dynamic with a Passion to outperform.

With BYOD (Bring Your own Devices) creating a new trend in IT, Mobile Technologies, AI (Artificial Intelligence) will be verticals to watch out for. Uncapped technology markets which were not a priority for many providers are now becoming a potential market for players. With it comes the robust need of training and augmenting the Technology gaps and that’s where Amstar comes with its vast expertise of cross training and retraining services.

Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality, wearable technologies powered by data, analytics, and streamlined security strategies will not only be used for better customer experience but also for workforce optimization and enhanced operational efficiency. Adds Mr. Joseph Jayakumar on this perspective “A lot has happened. A lot needs to be done” and we help them in bridging the gap in technology globally.

Better customer experience and enhanced business efficiency are driving demands for businesses today. Add to that intelligent conversational bots aka chatbots which are being largely integrated into the mobile app space.

Yes players are adding power of possibilities to the question of probabilities and they are becoming successful to an extent but they are causing what we call a huge technology drain quips Mr. Joseph Jayakumar of Amstar Technologies who adds on a candid note “Learn to be the master of Technology and machines. These jobs never existed before” either via on the job or off the job training initiatives or get hold of a staunch mentor today.

With SMARKETING in IT virtually ending the gap between physical and virtual presence between provider and buyer, The wheels in motion have been set to either perform or perish mode as both supplier and customer are working for their piece of cake in an aggressive economy.

Market Dynamics are also leaving providers with no choice but to upgrade legacy systems and migrate to robust software. With robust software comes the need of skilled training and resources and that’s where we try to augment our offerings adds Jayakumar by Lateral staffing, IT Infrastructure and Management, Software Consulting and next generation Enterprise learning solutions through an umbrella of customized niche IT services and solutions via Amstar.

In Technology Services, where Outcomes speaks for itself RTT (Rights to Technology) has become a business imperative for Enterprise Owners. However do not forget the statutory caution that Technology Platforms needs prior trained manpower/ mentoring on and that’s where forging a new partnership with an agnostic solutions provider helps from a multilateral perspective.

On that note Amstar with its proficient expertise of training more than 36000+ customers globally can provide you with the best yet effective adhoc technology based solutions.

Register with Amstar Today which prides on providing proven results with expertise for effective adhoc technology based solutions.

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