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December 17, 2018
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2018: Year in Review & Look Ahead 2019

Directors Talk: By Joseph Jayakumar & .Venkat Rao

Every enterprise has its own share of happenings every year. It’s no surprise the very essence of business is to built upon the paradigm of unpredictability which every entrepreneur should learn to convert into a successful opportunity. Having said that we have been in the reskilling, software sales and IT consulting space for close to 13 years now and feel that 2018 was a eye opener as we had a lot of positive developments, new clients and ladder growth organizationally if we might add it in HR perspectiveas we make or mould ourselves according to the ideas we have of our possibilities.

We not just participated in a lot of events and seminars which provided very fruitful and added as a value addition to our dedicated staff. Internally we also did a lot of rebranding, restructuring exercise which has helped us better in front of our shareholders and also to the market at large as shared by G.Venkat Rao & Jayakumar, Co-Partners.
So here are few key developments which have given a phenomenal head start to all of us at Amstar Technologies in the year 2018. We look forward to more progress and developments in the year 2019 and wish all our Partners, Customers and Staff a great and a successful, professional year ahead.

IBM Code Day 2018 event on 14-2-2018 :-
Amstar Technologies a pioneer in Enterprise IT Learning including e-learning, Recruitment Process Outsourcing i.e. RPO and IT outsourcing from 2005 participated at IBM Code Day 2018. This was an event to watch out for on this grand scale as more than 2000+ Developers and Technology geeks had participated at Taj Vivanta, Yeswantpur to get to know what’s happening at IBM.
Amstar’s team was able to understand how developers use IBM platforms on what they code. IBM Code Day was not just a day of commitment to the code. There was a lot of learning, unlearning and relearning from technology perspective as we saw latest technology trends like Block Chain, IOT, Quantum Computing and Devops from coder’s perspective. We are also aiming to map and augment these offerings exclusively for our customers and how they can use these platforms to develop smart, scalable solutions for future adds Mr. Kalyan Bodetti, from Amstar Technologies.
While on one hand there were power packed sessions on understanding and applying IBM’s differentiated approach to technology. There was also niche networking sessions with technology experts, certification labs, mentor sessions and most importantly getting to know the expansion path IBM has done globally in the IT sector. Having trained more than 36000+ customers globally across technology platforms we supported IBM’s overview of the developer as a brand advocate principle. This makes the developer a very important influencer in the way technology is being adopted and consumed as he is the end user.
Thus at IBM Code Day it was not just equipping developers with a lot of content. They were also allowed to build codes and also reskill/reassess the right level of skills, documentation and so on to build practical use patterns or application connecting dots from a coder’s/developer’s perspective where Amstar sees a lot of untapped potential both in the present and future technological context.

RPO wing strengthened more : -
Being also in the Talent acquisition, staffing and HR development business, we were doing IT recruitment for senior lateral IT positions. But we felt we should strengthen it further due to growing demands. Thus during March 2018 , we strengthened our successful RPO further i.e. Recruitment process wing by adding in few senior folk to leverage the market potential. We catering to a lot of niche clients on their Staffing RPO initiative as a packaged activity as Amstar sees a lot of untapped potential both in the present and future technological and HR context.

ISO 9001: 2015 Accreditation Announcement on April 7, 2018 : -
Amstar Technologies awarded ISO 9001:2015 Accreditation for Quality Management System (QMS) was awarded to Amstar Technologies Pvt Ltd., and is the world's most widely recognized quality management standard accreditation practices/frameworkwhich helps organizations to meet the business quality expectation standards and needs of their customers today.
Through our ISO 9001:2015 accreditation, we shall continue to demonstrate our ability and desire to effectively and efficiently provide a graded quality management system in our business. This helps to continuously improve our service line on an ongoing process further enhancing Amstar’s commitment to its Customers and Company Quality Policy.

CSR on election day on May 12 2018 :-
On May 12, 2018 we exhorted our staff and partners to cast their franchise wisely. We also wished the leader election post his successful win in the constituency and wished him all the best for the upcoming ward development initiatives.

Employee Handbook launch and our upgraded Website Launch on eve of Amstar’s 13 Anniversary : - We launched our revamped website and Employee handbook from a Global HR outreach and connect perspective. The comprehensive Employee Handbook in today's business community is a necessary brand building tool from a Human Relations and Industrial Relations perspective covering a gamut of necessary rulesand vision- mission policies for employee and employers alike to effectively manage the workplace environment from any sort of impartialities, nepotism, and work based conflicts as said by Mr. Mr. Kothandaraman, our Employee Work Relations Management Consultant, Bengaluru.
Employee Handbook also explains disciplinary procedures, which helps make performance management more straightforward with organizations going the smart size mode.
Lastly the distribution of the Employee Handbook also ensured that our employees are aware of their responsibilities and able to perform their job duties effectively without any prejudices thereby helpingone to understand and maintain a professional decorum by documenting the expectations of the entire workforce. We simultaneously launched our revamped website by Mrs. Santosh Biradarwith the lady’s staff team member team on a secure platform with better ease and navigationfacility with an optimized user interface module compatible with all devices adopting the latest platform and technology tolls. This helps in connecting the user’s attention from the minute they land to the website for better lead capture and generationwhere the emphasis is on “What you see is what you get” experience featuring the best in user experience with easy call to actions to webinars, whitepapers, email, services, contact us, blog and press features. The website is also compatible on all browsers and is mobile enabled for quick browsing/registration via Smartphone on the go mode.
We have a long journey ahead adds Mr. Kalyan B, Sr.Manager at Amstar Technologies who also recently met Alexandra Thys, Account Director at Arrow ECS in Belgium as a Business Partner Goodwill initiative during his overseas trip.

Amstar Technologies announces its yearly CSR goal chart :-
We successfully announced our yearly CSR i.e. Corporate Social Responsibility goals for 2018 with a vision of a ‘Better Tomorrow’. This comes on wake of their recent visit to Accept Society, an AIDS Counseling, Care, Education and Prevention Training Society. The society spearheaded by Mr. Raju K Mathew from 1999 works with a common aim to lessen the suffering from physical and psychological pain of those affected directly or indirectly, regardless of economic status or regional/religious affiliation and to rehabilitate them back to society successfully.
Our corporate Social Responsibility Report for 2018 also details significant progress made year on year since its inception to address specific social, economic, and environmental challenges through its philanthropy, operations, products and services gamut and how the end users have benefited from their offering till date. We have reinforced once again ourenhanced commitment to community investments that support economic growth, resiliency and sustainability by including a pledge to donate to NGO’s year on year sustainably.
We also provided the best form of support required to the respective Chief Minister’s Relief Fund for the Cyclone/Flood victims who were devastated in Kerala, Coorg and recently Tamilnadu in 2018.

Amstar Participating at Bangalore Tech Summit 2018 [BTS – 2018] :-
We were proud to participate at Bangalore Tech Summit from 29th November 2018 – 1st December 2018 at Bangalore Palace. During the event we were proud to present / project our diverse range of IBM Tech based Software products, services and solutions presented at our stall/booth for the consecutive year.
Bangalore proudly known as the Technology cluster of the world and as the ‘Silicon Valley of India’ offers the most conducive ecosystem for startups. It is now listed among the top ten hubs globally. Amstar at ‘BENGALURU TECH SUMMIT’, Asia’s largest IT & BT expo keeping in theme with the spirit of ‘Innovation & Impact’ which was about If I can change the world; you can also change the world” and we were thus instrumental in Amstar’s bridge building activity with Government Stakeholders and IT Think Tanks on the likesof Mr. K.J. George(IT & BT Minister, Govt. of Karnataka), Mr. Priyank Kharge(Social Welfare Minister, Govt. of Karnataka), Mr. R V Deshpande (Minister of Revenues, Govt. of Karnataka),Mr. J. Venugopal(Asst. Director of Karnataka Udyog Mitra), Mr.Krishnakumar Natarajan (Mind Tree CEO) tenaciously.

Year-endStaff Appreciation Day: -
We just can’t believe that 2018 just went by in a flurry. Having said that we are here because of our Staff. On the special occasion, we regularly host a gathering each year called “Staff Appreciation Day” which was held on the 29th of December 2018 at a Hotel outside as token tothank all our staff membersfor their Valuable Contributions made to Amstar Technologies and Wished all the best for a PROGRESSIVEand MUTUALLY-BENEFICIAL 2019…
Amstar thanks all its Stake-holders, Partners, Customers, Staff members and Vendors a successful 2019 ahead with the Grace of our God Almighty.

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