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The buzz about AIOPS
Simply put, AIOPS is the application of machine learning (ML) and data science to IT operations problems. AIOps platforms combine big data and ML functionality to enhance and partially replace all primary IT operations functions, including availability and performance monitoring, event correlation and analysis, and IT service management and automation.Gartner predicts that large enterprise exclusive use of AIOps and digital experience monitoring tools to monitor applications and infrastructure will rise from 5% in 2018 to 30% in 2023.AIOps platforms consume and analyse the ever-increasing volume, variety and velocity of data generated by IT and present it in a useful way.

What is the need of AIOPS
Today’s IT environment is a dynamic mix of on-premises, managed cloud, private cloud, and public cloud environments, running on virtualized or software-defined resources that scale and reconfigure constantly. Applications are generating an unprecedented amount of data that was never heard before. With traditional monitoring solutions, it is extremely difficult to get insights from such variety of environment and such amount of data. It is almost impossible for the traditional tools to provide the real-time insight and predictive analysis. This is where AIOPS becomes essential. It provides visibility into performance data and dependencies across all environments, analyses the data to extract significant events related to slow-downs or outages, and automatically alerts IT staff to problems, their root causes, and recommended solutions.

What can AIOPS do
• Separate meaningful and important events and filter out the “noise”
• Not just RCA but also propose solutions
• Automate responses, including real-time proactive resolution
• Learn continually, to improve handling of future problems

Get started with AIOPS
It’s important to get the act together and start your AIOPS journey.

1. Get Started. Don’t wait. Understand the capabilities. You may need it sooner than later.
2. Identify the use cases. The use cases can be the most simple ones to start with and building on them eventually.
3. Demonstrate the benefit. It makes sense to demonstrate the benefits you draw from the AIOPS for each use cases. This will enthuse confidence of the management to pursue it further.
4. Evaluate. There are a large number of AIOPS providers each with their own merit. It’s important for you to experiment and then decide.
5. Not just IT. AIOPS is all about big data and machine learning. Look beyond your IT monitoring. There is a wide variety of data available that can business and statistical insights to your monitoring.
6. Get your Infra prepared. Let your infra adopt a consistent automation architecture, infrastructure as code (IaC) and immutable infrastructure patterns. This will prepare a great platform for the AIOPS functionality to work.
7. Visualize full adoption. There are many variables: Available products will evolve, as will the AIOps “state of the art” and the infrastructure and applications for which you’re responsible. Consider the build-versus-buy continuum and how much of each to use.

AIOps and IBM
IBM Netcool Operations Insight (NOI) usesML and AI capabilities to reduce event noise, group events related to the same problem, and provide added context for improved understanding. With NetCool Operations Insight, operations teams avoid ‘fire drills’ and work smarter, not harder, leaving more time for activities that add value to the business. The release of Netcool Operations Insight 1.6 has taken Operations Management and AIOps to the next level: from the all-new, completely redesigned, incident-centric UX, to the dramatic advancement in event correlation; that combines machine learning, tribal knowledge, and topology into a single, unified correlation engine.

Some of the latest features are:
• All-New Analytics & Correlation Engine
• All-New Ux With Intuitive Incident-Centric Workflows
• Analytics Presented In-Context
• No Reliance On The Reporter Database
• Deploy First Or Review First
• Award-Winning Topology Viewer
• Topology-Based Event Correlation
• Industry Leading Event Correlation
• Runbook Automation And Alert Notification
• Deploy On Cloud

Watson AIOps (May 2020)
With series of automation tools for IT operations, 5G and edge offerings, Watson AIOps synthesizes data no matter where it resides to provide you with real-time insights and recommendations. It helps you address complex IT issues quickly to minimize service disruptions and prevent outages.
• Connect the dots across data
• Find anomalies in real time
• Get insights where you work
• Achieve trust with AI
• Get actionable insights
• Leverage your existing tools

How Watson AIOps works

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