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Block Chain Revolution & How IT industry can use it for Up-skilling Initiative

A Block chain is a continuously growing list of records called as blocks. They are interlinked and secured via time stamps and transaction data and is of growing importance in today’s big data era where data and technology are integrated on cloud. Vertical leaders operating globally across supply chain, BFSI (Banking and Financial Services), Health care sector and even Government sector are using this block chain model to explore alternatives on how it can disrupt and transform their traditional operational models.

The results are astounding from today’s implementation usage globally across verticals from IBM’s viewpoint. Blockchain has helped to achieve significant business benefits, greater transparency, enhanced security, improved traceability and efficiency with a higher speed of transactions and at significant reduced costs.

Better Transparency– Transactional histories across verticals are becoming transparent via block chain as its acts as a distributed ledger network across cloud. Through this initiative networked vendors can only share the required documentation as compared to earlier forms of conventional transaction monitoring. Also any updation can be done via a consensus mode where both vendors should be agreeable on it thus making the record system more robust and error free. Thus data on a block chain is more accurate, consistent and transparent for easy access, edit and operational feasibility in context of large scale industries or even medium scale industries.

Enhanced Security across layers – Block-chain in a usage context is more robust unlike rudimentary record keeping systems. Transactions are agreed mutually and then recorded for documentation.Post this, entries are encrypted and linked to previous transactions. This along with fact that information is stored across a network of computers instead on a single server makes it difficult for hackers to compromise on transaction data where data protection is very crucial today where fraud and unauthorized activity is rampant.

Improved Traceability – Blockchain helps in easy traceability across complex systems at ease. Be it an exchange of goods, new purchase or even multiple product shelving etc. Blockchain shows a product history trail from inception to usage. This historical transaction of data can help you to verify the authenticity and prevent frauds in a global context making it easy for firms to have an upper hand on their purchase decisions.

Increased efficiency and speed – Block chain unlike rudimentary processes is more robust as transactions are completed faster and efficiently with zero human error and interaction. Also when everyone across virtual teams globally has access to same information it becomes easier to keep organizational operational flow at ease and thus helps in a quicker settlement process as intermediary’s involvement will be to the bare minimum.

Reduced Operational and Capital Expenditure Costs – Cost reduction is a priority in any organization. Blockchain helps in achieving this to a large extent as it eliminates the need of third party players across verticals and levels. It also eliminates the need of multiple documentations as everything is on the cloud and is available for easy accessibility thus helping creating a significant cost advantage for organizations globally.

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