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July 25, 2019
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We just wrapped up our 14th Anniversary on 5th July 2019 at our Office which translates to 14 years of service in the market. Post this on July 6th we visited Belakku School in Ramagondanahalli, Ananthpura at Yelahanka as a part of our Annual CSR Drive for 2019-20. This year we selected Belakku School a training center for ADHD i.e. Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder/ God’s Children and it goes to show that Empathy is a bigger element than equity in today’s scenario as that’s what is moving the world via humans read as silent angels/donors/anonymous donors in present context. While we are all aware that CSR Drives are the backbone of an enterprise it’s how judicious we are when doing the drive. These NGO’s contribute not only to a significantly large part of looking after destitutes but also account for considerable portion of looking after ill and old aged people under a shoe string budget. More importantly NGO’s are heavens for abused and are spread across the urban and rural landscape of India. While NGO’s are vital to any economy there have been a number of challenges in today’s increasingly difficult business environment to effectively contribute periodically. We aim to address this via our strategic NGO drives and are looking for other enterprises as well who can collaborate with us adds Mr. Joseph Jayakumar Director, Amstar Technologies along with Kalyan B, Solutions Lead Amstar Technologies.

Our team was able to understand how a NGO deftly operates and was also an eye opener from all aspects and we sincerely thank Belakku School for reinvigorating that human empathy element in all of us keeping in theme of “For A Better Tomorrow” and is thankful for the organizers i.e. Belakku School for hosting us at their premises. Also as more consumers than ever are demanding that companies change the way they do business, become more transparent, and are taking an active role in addressing social, cultural and environmental issues. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) has taken its place in today’s corporate world and businesses that ignore it do so at their own peril. However we are proud to state that we are not doing this for any commercial tangibility and are doing it from our whole heartedness and is a voluntary act.

What is Corporate Social Responsibility?
Corporate Social Responsibility means that a company takes steps to ensure there are positive social and environmental effects associated with the way the business as whole operates. Businesses that engage in active CSR efforts take stock of the way they operate in the world to incorporate addressing cultural and social issues, with the aim of benefiting both in the process. Not only can CSR models increase businesses and revenue, they promote change and progress throughout the world, which often involves helping people with few or no resources at all.

The CSR is viewed as a different component from philanthropy. When properly implemented, it should become ingrained in the values and culture of a company, and positively affect the way the company does business. CSR should become inherent in the mission and message of an organization and also hold a strong place in marketing and advertising.

Companies should be aware that promoting their CSR model only benefits the company if they are already acting on their plan. Otherwise, falsely claiming to bring social change to those in need could lead to bad publicity which we are very careful of. We have seen businesses that have ignored corporate social responsibility and have run into a risk to their bottom line and their brand. Having a bad reputation socially and environmentally can create serious negative effects on the overall profitability and success of a company, as nowadays consumers want to spend their money on products and services that they believe in, and engage with companies that follow ethical practices that meet their own beliefs. Company with a Unique CSR model Amstar’s CSR program not only benefits the society but also destitutes in the community it is operating as the company aims to provide better access to health care and improved education to the destitutes.

The Corporate Social Responsibility model implemented by us provides financial opportunities for people in and we are looking to partner with other Non-Profit organizations as well in the near future thus increasing our connectivity reach worldwide. On a smaller scale we are a Beneficiary Corporations employing CSR into the very fabric of our own businesses. Our mission is a threefold component mainly involving:
1. Nurturing People
2. Nurturing Planet and
3. Sharing a part of Profits to destitutes which we have followed in letter and spirit since our inception from 2005 in the market.

The Importance of CSR for Millennials
As the millennial consumer population grows, it is critical that companies consider their corporate social responsibility status. Instilling a model of social responsibility is necessary for attracting what is becoming one of the largest market segments. Millennials are particularly tech savvy, and they don’t think twice about researching a company and looking into its ethical record and labor practices. Many feel that it is their duty to do their part in making the world a better place, and this burgeoning generation does not want to be associated with or support companies who do not take responsibility for the world and the people in it. Employee engagement is also tied to a company’s CSR reputation. We have found in a public survey that 70 percent of millennials acknowledged that a company’s commitment to social responsibility has influenced their choice to work there.
With millennials soon to be the largest generational segment of the workforce, companies looking to hire these workers will need to embrace CSR in order to attract and retain talent. Millennials don’t just want to consume products and services made by companies that don’t have a CSR presence. They want to take part in making these social and environmental changes also and we are happy to announce that we have been pioneers in this space since 2005 when we commenced our operations successfully. Corporate social responsibility is more than just a business trend or fad. Businesses that want to stay relevant to new generations and who want to help people in need around the world while increasing their own revenue and efficiency will definitely benefit from embracing CSR.
At Amstar you will learn more on how CSR visits and volunteering can help you in advancing your career. We also know that our CSR visit should be affordable, engaging, and judicious with fair play. That’s why we have designed a sector based CSR visit which is both comprehensive and challenging and yet flexible in making a conscious decision to improve people’s lives and reposition them from a state of grief and provide them with niche opportunities to lead a better life ahead. By this move we look forward to be the SPOC between corporate and NGO sector thereby providing a satisfying and enriching experience for the corporate and NGO fraternity at large.
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