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Crests of Enterprise Learning: How IT sector can map its trends holistically in 2018

With 2018 on a revamp or reskill mode, Organizations are now on “Strategize to Win” for the future. Technologically India will witness a wave of business transformation digitally generating new prospects for enterprises across every industry.

These will be more on a “Pay per Outcome” basis. Business leaders are aware of the power of technology. Every budget has an IT component, every campaign has an IT dimension, and all Business decisions have IT at its core.

Beyond Smart phone’s in present scenario we have been largely impacted the way we do business by Social and Digital Media, Emergence of new Trends on private and Hybrid Cloud, Big Data and Analytics.

When IT is at its core, Suppliers and Vendors need to map to the 4S model i.e. Scalability, Sustainability, Spillover and Synergies. Else we have to witness what we call as “Technology Saturation” phase quips Joseph Jayakumar, CEO Amstar Technologies who has been in the IT space for more than 30+ years across senior leadership roles.

Value Chains have been disruptive and Enterprises are looking at newer paradigms to revamp themselves. Here are 4 (four) broader trends from Amstar’s perspective which will revamp Enterprise Learning ecosystem dynamically in 2018.

The stitch in time is not just mapping your Analytics, Algorithms and Artificial Intelligence holistically. It’s about integrating them contextually. The tenets falls back to “How will Enterprise Learning” benefit an Organization?

The Key Differentiators or USP’s will be-

-Adoption of Social and Digital Technologies by Enterprises across value chains.
-Adoption and Migration to Cloud by SME’S (Small and Medium Enterprises) and LSI’s (Large Scale Industries) as per their relevant need and usage.
-Skill Set requirement mapping and Need fulfillment analysis.
-Enterprise Mobility.

These differentiators make the Enterprise more flexible and outcome based.

Organizations looking to unlock their full business potential must keep in sync with upcoming technology trends. Here is where we suggest getting a hand on skill assessment discussion or audit done with your Trainer first.

This helps you as an Enterprise stay connected with customers and most importantly competitors. Follow this across departments and you get the Enterprise learning mechanism and learning implementation you had always envisioned.

Even more simple connect with a thought leader who has helped other players become pioneers in the Enterprise Learning growth life cycle starting today.

Even more simple connect with a thought leader who has helped other players become pioneers in the Enterprise Learning growth life cycle starting today.

A stitch in need is the need of the hour, sums up Joseph Jayakumar, CEO Amstar Technologies as Enterprise Learning is not just a buzzword, rather it is here to stay and will bring about radical changes in the way Companies think and operate.

With outcome based pay model showing signs of resurgence in the IT sector, Enterprise Learning is all about how your business is innovative, customer centric and being accessible across mediums. These will eventually reach out to other branches in ecosystem like customer analytics, sourcing and information security protocols.

Reach out to us at Amstar to get an Enterprise Learning Audit done today. Register at Amstar starting now.
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