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January 18, 2018
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January 24, 2018

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Amstar prides on itself as a leading solutions provider and a certified IBM Authorized training partner (ATP) for CXO’s, CIO’s and CTO’s of reputed companies. Keeping in trend with dynamic changes happening in Information Technology and Services sector becoming need based, Reskilling is now the need of the hour. The question we have for our partners however is“How do you make your Data protection/encryption more secure”?And “How do you ensure your employees are updated with the trends holistically in that sector/scenario?”

While our customers are aware that Futuristic Technology will be the impetus going forward. Skillset mapping is something they are very particular and come back to us when need arises. The reason being when Technology is being migrated, Business models being revamped, Industries going for resize or reskill mode and most importantly “What’s the outcome” delivered mode ?!

As a solutions partner our USP (Unique selling proposition) we exponentially have more leverage and wherewithal to impact the full outcome based potential of our customer.

This leads to breaking up of silos and back to the discussion where Data protection shall be more secure and Think Tank teams further optimized as we try to encompass and augment them through our experiential cross functional training programmes.

This is the need of the hour adds Joseph Jayakumar CEO, Amstar Technologies who has been in the space from more than 30+ years across senior leadership roles.

With Skill councils set to create sourcing firms to absorb trained manpower, the need comes back to “How Sufficiently Skilled they are”? Though there might be Bots to monitor productivity, nothing beats conventional subject matter expertise which is learnt from thought leaders operating in that space.

With 2018 to see more aggressive hiring’s as per a Mercer’s pay survey “In the shared services sector, there is an influx of captive organizations across Retail, FMCG, Manufacturing and Pharmaceuticals sector”.

While newer roles are emerging in Supply Chain Planning, Analytics, Demand Planning, Computer Imagery, Store Design, Merchandising etc. This also brings with them issues pertaining to-
-Innovative Data protection initiatives
-Think Tank Team formulation
-Legacy systems migration
-Technology and Software upgradation

With Value Chain evolutions at work being disruptive, Companies are looking at increasing headcount,” From a vendor neutral solution provider perspective, we have a huge untapped market”. Through this we envision to reach out to our stakeholders to innovate and create new paradigms in platforms through our new age customized solutions”.

The emergence of a new set of jobs known as the ‘new collar jobs’ i.e. jobs which combine technical skills in areas as cloud, cognitive, security, data science and predictive modeling etc. This will require a deep knowledge base rooted in higher education and training”. Where there is a need there is a way and we provide that way ahead for our partners globally the best possible way exclusively at Amstar.

Enhance your Data protection and think tank team efficiency starting with Amstar Today. Get in touch with us to get your Software Training Mapping done exclusively. Register at Amstar.

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