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Digitization in Business: The Next Big Thing in IT

Insight Article by Mr. Joseph S Jayakumar, Director Amstar Technologies

Digitization in Business in present context has changed Customer Information and Mapping, Business models and the Bottom line of virtually how every Business entity operates from all aspects. With IT undergoing rapid transformation from conventional man hour models to outcome based models, Digitization, Cloud and IoT has become pivotal in reshaping Information Technology.

New leaders are not just breaking barriers; they are also creating new frontiers in IT from Automation to Cloud to Agriculture and other niche segments. Amstar Technologies under the tenured mentorship of Mr. Joseph S Jayakumar congratulates the leaders of tomorrow wholeheartedly who are creating new trends in the way business is being conducted digitally 24/7/365.

With Digitalization being imperative many tech titans are losing out on legacy migration aspect and issues. Here is where reskilling becomes the need of the hour as it is all about getting out of the comfort zone where conventional business units have well established themselves in.

By this initiative not only are the tech titans able to augment their offerings better they are also able to scale up to the next level and also reskill their staff better which Amstar Technologies are pioneers in from 2005 and also certified from IBM to handle their software sales and training development globally.

Mr. Joseph S Jayakumar is also of the view that digital innovations in businesses can create new opportunities and avenues for revenue generation if mapped across departments holistically. The reason being businesses can now provide better customer experience and engagement digitally. This adds value to the bottom line as the connect factor becomes more personalized on a “One to Many” model.

But are businesses ready to embrace digitization and with it the challenge of reskilling their staff which becomes the need of the hour? To which we all have to universally agree from a reskilling perspective “We are living in a rapid era where it’s either perform or perish” and that eventually sums up the picture from a larger angle.

The role of a technical advisor largely referred to as CIO in present context is pivotal here. Not only should he be able to advice on the possibilities of new technology implementation. He should also be able to see the feasibility and scope of its implementation across teams and how effectively can they be able to generate revenue from it thus avoiding budget teething issues.

The CIO should also closely monitor and address any missing gaps and provide right inputs at right time. By doing this actively businesses can start expecting the best out of their business outcomes in a phase wise manner.

Lastly Mr. Joseph S Jayakumar, Director Amstar Technologies adds that “We welcome businesses going Digital but they should have a constant emphasis on reskilling their workforce consistently. Only then will their digitization process be a successful initiative and the best potential can be tapped from it in the long run” and welcomes organizations warmly to be a part of Amstar Technologies to get the best of their digitization in IT needs and infrastructure solutions successfully.

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