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July 30, 2019
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Enterprise-Software-and-IT-Technology-Pools -are-driving-Digital-Efficiency

How Enterprise Software and IT Technology Pools are driving Digital Efficiency in an Enterprise

It’s become a norm in many enterprises in many firms to migrate to digital due to the present state of business dichotomy demands. However that is easier said than done and it brings with its own share of challenges and demands. This has created an impetus in Non IT firms which are relying on in-house technology talent to back technology and digital push in their enterprises and is infact creating a better revolution. Many firms are investing in digital to improve their efficiency and efficacy and are stepping up on hiring of technology skilled professionals. Their core skills are in the demand areas of technology and digital literacy which is a welcome move in the otherwise slow market. The reason for this being that Manufacturing, Retail, BFSI sectors are developing cutting edge technologies and these companies require qualified tech talent to assess the impact of these platforms.
While the tech hiring outlook in non-IT companies has increased by 4 percentage points to more than 17% in April-September this year compared to the same period as last year Companies including Vedanta, Tata Steel, RPG, Philips, Schneider Electric, Whirlpool and Dabur etc are investing heavily in digital technology to improve productivity and efficiency. We wholeheartedly support and look forward to extend them our full support in this endeavor.

They like to hire technology professionals because it makes business sense and saves them man-hours, reduces down-time and risk, which directly affect the bottom-line and even the ease of implementing Blockchain technology which has becomes the need of the hour in IT can be implemented by these technology pools. This leaves the organization with enhanced productivity for better purchasing and niche sourcing, enabling artificial intelligence enabled exploration and unmanned surveillance systems in hiring talent for smart manufacturing, industrial cyber security, digital capital management projects and other functional digital projects including better market exploration.
While Digital is getting embedded in every function including manufacturing, marketing, research and development, and human resources, and there is widespread demand for professionals for every domain looks forward to keenly hire data analysts, data scientists and AI professionals as they are the need of the hour.

Take the instance of Tata Steel which is infact hiring fresh technology graduates. The country’s largest private steel maker is targeting itself to become one of the top five technologically advanced global steel companies. On this note it created new and emerging tech roles in the areas of
- New Material Business (Graphene and Fibre Reinforced Polymer)
- Digital Technologies for process improvements
- Industrial Internet of Things (IOT)
- Sensorization
- Artificial Intelligence
- Natural Language Processing
- Cloud Computing
- Data Science
- Chatbots
- Robotic Process Automation (RPA)
A skilled and able tech talent forms a crucial part of any workforce mix and we look forward to assist enterprises on this move via our strategic RPO consulting solutions. Today as many enterprises are seeking to digitize their segments it all boils down to the value offering in the sub domains where we can help enterprises achieve significant results via our strategic IT audits. As enterprises adopt more technology-intense manufacturing systems the hiring choices have shifted to people who have greater exposure to electronics, instrumentation and mechatronics as ‘product/service niche’ is pivotal in a Fast Moving Consumer goods company where the focus is more on hiring tech talent in functions as diverse as manufacturing, marketing, sales, supply chain and HR where we are working with one of our client in this aspect.

Technical talent is needed to drive innovation and support its product leadership initiatives and we here to support that move in our clients.

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