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February 13, 2018
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IBM Code Day 2018 - Experiences

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Amstar Technologies a pioneer in Enterprise Learning & Training, IT Consulting and Lateral Staffing since 2005, participated in IBM Code Day 2018. This was a day to watch out as more than 2000+ Developers and Technology geeks had graced the occasion at Taj Vivanta, Yeswantpur.

This truly was an event unlike any on a grand scale. Amstar team under the pioneering leadership and motivation of Mr. Jayakumar, a renowned IT Thought Leader and Director of Amstar Technologies was able to understand how developers use IBM platforms on what they code.

Candidly speaking it was not just a day of commitment to code. There was a lot of learning, unlearning and relearning from technology perspective as we saw trending technologies like Block Chain, IOT, Quantum Computing, etc., from a coder’s perspective and how we can augment these offerings exclusively for technology providers to whom we cater and how they can use these platforms to develop smart, scalable solutions for the future.

While on one hand there were power packed sessions on understanding and applying IBM’s targeted approach towards cloud, Hyperledger, Blockchain, AI & ML. There was also niche networking sessions with technology experts, spot certification labs, mentor sessions and most importantly getting to know the expansion path IBM has done globally in a short span of time.

We see India as the next leading power player for that operationally and we are gearing up for the exciting journey ahead quips Mr. Kalyan Bodetti of Amstar Technologies, who are the Training Sales & Delivery Partner of Arrow ECS, Global Training partner for IBM.

Amstar’s team was privileged to network with eminent speakers at IBM Code Day 2018 which included think tanks like:

Bob Lord, Chief Digital Officer of IBM Digital Business Group
David Kenny, Senior VP IBM Watson and Cloud Platform
Whizkid Tanmay Bakshi also known as Neural Network Architect and IBM Champion for Cloud at just 14 years of age.
Angel Diaz, IBM VP Developers from Technology and Advocacy department
Nikhil Kumar, Fellow iSPIRT
Atul Batra, CTO Manthan
Seema Kumar, Country Leader, Developer, IBM Ecosystems Group India and more…

IBM code day was all about giving opportunities to anyone who wants to code and solve complexities by paving way for innovative technical launch pads. This was also about scaling up holistically by working with developers on a front end use case basis. They included startups to build cloud-native apps on a micro level or even building next generation hybrid platforms on a macro level and we are all in favor of this noble initiative adds Mr. Jayakumar, Director, Amstar Technologies who has trained more than 36000+ students globally across various platforms.

Amstar supports IBM’s overview of the developer as a brand advocate principle. This makes the developer a very important influence in the way technology is being adopted and consumed, as he is the end user. Thus at IBM Code Day it was not just equipping developers with a lot of content. they were also allowed to build bots and also reassess the right level of skills and so on to build practical use patterns or applications connecting dots from a coder’s/developer’s perspective.

Amstar is also a part of IBM community-based activities where workshops like Watson-in-a-day, IoT-in-a-day, Block chain-in-a-day, etc are conducted. This has proved very rewarding for the developers as it helps them upgrade their skills and we help them in this initiative.

On this front IBM is working with more than 289 startups and Mr. Nipun Mehrotra, Chief Digital Officer, IBM-India and South Asia added that IBM has also collaborated with different educational startups in India to up-skill and re-skill developer community by providing immersive curriculum on IBM technologies such as Watson, IoT, Middleware, Systems and Analytics via a choice of media.

This is where Amstar a training technology solutions provider comes into foray in technological context with its proficient expertise of training more than 36000+ students globally can provide any developer community with the best yet effective ad-hoc technology based re-skilling solutions.

Amstar also would specially like to thank Pradeep Balachandran Program Director at IBM, Poornima A Trikkur Developer Advocate at IBM, Gopikrishnan Varadarajulu Senior Technical Staff Member & Architect at IBM , Shajeer Mohammed STSM Lead Architect at IBM, Prashant Pradhan CTO at IBM India South Asia, Romeo Kienzler Chief Data Scientist, Deep Learning/ AI Engineer at IBM, Vijay Suthankar Cloud Integration Architect at IBM Software Labs, NJR Students + Rich Hagarty Chief Data Scientist, Deep Learning/AI Engineer at IBM, Vishal Chahal Executive IT specialist/Business Analytics at IBM, Sai Vennam IBM Cloud Developer Advocate, Ashwin Srinivas Research Engineer at IBM, Praveen Jayachandran Research Engineer at IBM, Albee Jhoney Senior Software Engineer at IBM, Gaurav Goswami Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning Expert at IBM, Amarender Katkam IoT/M2M Consultant, Sreekanth Iyer Cloud Security Architect at IBM Cloud, Riya M Roy Developer Advocate at IBM India Private Limited, Vidya Sagar Machupalli Technical Product Manager and Developer Advocate IBM Cloud for their extensive presentations on Devops Watson Data Science, IBM Cloud, Robotics, Block Chain, IoT and API which were very insightful and outcome based to the developer’s fraternity at large.

See you all again at IBM Code Day 2019…!!

Happy Learning,

Amstar Team

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