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January 19, 2018
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Innovative Marketing Opportunities for IT Channel Partners in 2018

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IT reseller and services partners are facing a rapidly evolving Sales and Marketing landscape. This is creating professional marketers and sales leaders with scalability challenges and untapped opportunities in 2018. SMARKETING is need of the hour when we talk of how Integration and Implementation has to go hand in hand. This helps them get the best out of their Marketing initiatives in today’s disruptive redundant era.

Joseph Jayakumar, IT Thought leader and CEO at Amstar Technologies lists down his pointers which IT resellers can include to get the best out of their IT marketing initiatives for 2018.

Find a Definition-IT resellers need to integrate Inbound Marketing and Content Marketing. This should be relevant to Informational needs of the Buyer’s persona. This step by step process helps them convert them into qualified leads which can be nurtured via contextual automated email marketing mechanism.

Eliminate Conventional Techniques not generating Outcomes- IT resellers should eliminate conventional “Post It” note marketing techniques in today’s connected era. Trade publications and Physical events need to be augmented to Digital and Social apart from conventional PR. Lead generation mechanism will become more channelized if cross mapped across mediums.

Break barriers causing Interruptive SMARKETING- IT resellers should learn to break paradigms involving “When they are ready to buy, they’ll find you” and that’s possible with the way how best they train and motivate themselves and their teams.

New technology platforms have changed relationship between buyers and vendors in Information Technology sector. It’s all about how resellers map channels and partners constantly to reach out to customers. Even better sign up with us to begin your successful journey as a Value Added Reseller starting today.

The emergence of Cloud Computing and Software as a Service– With IT buyer consumerism migrating dynamically online and the balance of power now shifting to “What exactly the Customer wants”. The buying process has changed way buyers carry out the process which has been evolutionized by Digital PR and Cloud.

Market consolidation- IT Resellers across market verticals have overtaken IT giant marketing initiatives. For Instance the top10 ERP vendors and IT Resellers now own 64% of the ERP market. With Gartner predicting even a further consolidation in days ahead to come, IT resellers will be competing on value based outcome based consulting and selling in days to come.

Buyers also want to know how an IT reseller can be entrusted to take responsibility for a problem and possess essential know-how’s, resources and processes to fix it. Demonstrating this expertise through strategic thought leadership is a great way of establishing this trust and confidence in potential buyers.

Growth of Strategic Outbound marketing- Smaller, more agile companies and IT resellers are better placed to succeed here. The most important elements in strategic outbound marketingare the right deployment of tactical advice and expertise to help customers solve problems and answer questions.

So if you are a IT Services Company, Take advantage of the revolution in the buyer behavior and the marketing response emerging across platforms. If you have already started down this path please share your experiences by empaneling with us an ITValue added Reseller today.

Or Find out more about “How Can Amstar assist you to get the best out of your IT Reseller Marketing” initiatives with outcomes starting today.

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