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June 25, 2019
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July 17, 2019

Why CISCO’s move in announcing to ease IT Workloads with better Automation Capabilities is a blessing for us ?

We recently observed that Global communications giant CISCO has announced a host of fresh capabilities at the CISCO Live 2019 event held in San Diego, California. This event was aimed at enhancing and also streamlining their customer offering in an optimized format and eliminates unwanted technological clutter. The pivotal new features are its AI and Machine learning powered additions amongst the service lines which are designed to assists IT teams globally with their ever-increasing workloads. We also read their recent press release that stated that the firm has cited 451 Research’s findings that almost two thirds of IT teams are experiencing jumps in workloads, while team expansion is only expected for a third of companies over the next year.

While CISCO’s wealth of data is being used to drive intelligent software that can ease the load on IT teams. This move also improves their data-driven problem solving capabilities and introduces enhanced visibility for local networks the pace of change and diversity of the environment. This continues to rapidly evolve and that is where are trying at large to address gaps at large for corporates via our reskilling solutions. While we just read that Reskilling becomes critical and crucial as we grow higher our career chain, CISCO also takes cognizance and is committed to continually simplifying its solutions and we have to laud Scott Harrell, Senior Vice President and General Manager of Cisco's Enterprise Networking Business for creating revolutionary strides in CISCO and taking it to the next level ahead.

While Artificial intelligence and Machine learning can enable businesses to efficiently discern which issues to prioritize, becoming more adept and proactive. This will have a profound effect on network operations and the IT teams that simultaneously run them. While CISCO is future proofing the networks and the workforce through automation and intelligence we are trying to assist them in the best possible way through our reskilling and it audit and ad-hoc solutions at large. While CISCO’s technological advancements have historically reshaped requirements but the pace at which today’s next generation technologies are developing and is disrupting the global talent market is unprecedented and we look forward to assist CISCO the best possible extent as a enterprise IT vendor successfully. A laudable fact is that CISCO as a global firm has also announced that it is developing a tier based architecture platform to encompass every aspect of its intent-based network, including campus, branch, WAN, IoT, cloud and data centers. This simplifies in what CISCO likes to identify itself as the unprecedented leader of the modern IT landscape and we wish them all the best for a fruitful journey ahead.

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