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July 24, 2019
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It’s all about Balancing between Value and Competency Hiring at Amstar Technologies

We at Amstar Technologies having just celebrated our 14th successful year in the market look forward to adding Value to Lives. But apart from our Vision statement we also strive in our endeavored mission to create delight for all via the 4C’s that are crucial for every employee. They namely include Career, Certification, Compensation and Culture. This is an extremely useful value proposition from a brand building and HR perspective.We are not just a Professional skilling solutions provider but also an IT solutions partner in the Enterprise front and are partnered with Arrow ECS and IBM in the sales and service domain. We are a great organization and a great place to work if you can add value to our brand and if you feel you fit the bill we have an exciting proposition for you. While it’s a well known fact that employee satisfaction drives an organization to greater heights and is the biggest marker to create success which is the sole endeavor of the company. It also has to maintain a balance between value and competency hiring. We strongly believe that competency and knowledge are built and transferred only when a healthy discussion takes place.

We as a company are dedicated in inculcating a learning culture for employee empowerment. We are also providing a common platform for continuous up-skilling, knowledge improvement, and driving a culture in the organization. By this we are focusing on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being of employees.

Through our Employee Value Proposition we strive to create delight for our employees on the 4 C’s namely
- Career
- Certification
- Compensation
- Culture
A Company is considered an ideal one only when it keeps its foundation values intact, delivers impact and equitable outcomes for its clients and touches the lives of people around it. We lead the pack in terms of people practices, excellence, credibility, collaboration and innovation in everything that we do. Our Hiring process is based on value, along with competency, which helps us identify right talent who can fit our culture and ethos making them open to diversity and retention of talent. Already being a Great Place to Work Company we nurture the employees and maintain a culture of trust and freedom of action amongst themselves to make better meaningful decisions at work. In terms of gender diversity we are equal opportunity employer and our employees spend five to seven years on an average in a role before moving on, with an overall retention rate of around 80 per cent. Further we as a company have clearly defined career and learning road maps for employees across multiple roles and accounts. The learning roadmaps for employees span for five years and the value-based rewards and recognition we do judiciously help in building a happy work atmosphere, maintaining diversity in all our people-related decisions. This also ensures a process-oriented transparent system. We as an empathetic company also focus on the work life balancing of the lives of our employees. A full-fledged ‘People First’ campaign was run internally to derive vision, mission, values and a common purpose. This was holistically integrated into our HR process that also includes hiring, development, evaluation, and recognition and a yearly 4 day-3 night team outing trip for all our employees without fail.

Out of the box training has always been a key focus for our pivotal growth. The growth opportunity was leveraged in fulfilling the internal training needs of the group as a shared service organization in both IT and technical training. Gradually, with fast-paced demand for training and development we decided to spin this expertise to provide training outsourcing solution in the niche B2B and corporate space. We have strived to be known for partnering with organizations who are at helm of creating the most vibrant, disciplines and enthusiastic leaders.
Lastly we firmly also believe in making life simple and happy for everybody involved in the ecosystem.

Want to be a part of us? Share us your updated CV’s @ [email protected] over why you want to join the tribe and we shall get back to you soon.

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