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Insight Article by Mr. Joseph Jayakumar, Director Amstar Technologies

In the beginning “Technology Outcomes” were a distant phrase known to very few people working in technology sector. When we first heard it in one of the large organizations that I’ve was working with, I remember being immediately puzzled “Why don’t they implement it? What were they doing so in the first place?” and how the responses of industry veterans seemed unsatisfactory.

According to them, time based pay was the only safe bet – wherein employees in various organizations were mandated to find the best piece of software or manpower they could for a certain project.

They were then mandated to fill in people or headcount required and man-hours required for project with added buffer time. Very often this model recognized only top performers and thus need for retraining; reskilling was very limited in nature as everybody added something to value chain.

If we are to closely examine the above idea it’s a fascinating lesson in getting work done cheap. You don’t ask more we don’t give more. This makes the output delivery discounted and only what was expected of them, and that they would stay to see it through, no matter the consequences with no extra monetary motivation.

In other words, they were supremely dedicated but not sufficiently skilled to providing exceptional quality consulting at large. Leaving aside the consideration of why were they hired. It shows to confirm the head count model.

Today they along with everyone else in technology would also admit that this is no longer the case. Reskilling is the need of the hour. It’s an outcome based aggressive model.

Over the past 30 years many companies have changed considerably and the software and services they provide have also updated. But the phrase that still reverberates strong is “Skilled Manpower”, “Trained Workforce” & “Outcomes” and that’s where we have a strong footing across verticals as a IBM Training Sales and IBM Product Sales Business partner.

The reasons for reskilling are
- Job Security
- Better ownership
- Avoid Risk Aversion
- Eliminates Psychological Un-Safety
Hopefully, this article doesn’t need the evident disclaimer but for certainty: Reskilling helps leaders make some wonderful decisions when working on complex products and services that are path breaking.

Reskilling is not just about getting trained for a certain brand/service, but is also about an attitude that displays to industry players your confidence and clarity on the subject and sector at large.

Reskilling undoubtedly eliminates lack of courage issues faced at work or on a client site. If organizations want to transform their workforce into a transformative place they can do so by empowering their people with right reskill mechanisms which centers on Knowledge, Passion and Courage.

We were at recently concluded Bangalore Tech Summit 2018. Here is what we have in store for our partners and customers interested more about our reskilling solutions.

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