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January 7, 2019
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February 7, 2019

Technology @ 2020: Forget White Collar Jobs, it’s about New Collar Jobs

IBM has time and again revamped itself as a pioneer in technology and scalable data platforms. They have recently created an intuitive technology education program that aims to make students more easily employable for "new collar jobs" after graduation. So where does this lead us back to eventually?

Yes its reskilling or being qualified technically enough to handle the tricks of the trade. While a curriculum focuses on a "very rich hands-on" information technology output we tend to ignore the outcome and how well are people able to grasp it. This is where constructive feedback and viewpoint huddles are very critical which we have the best ‘Metrics that Matter’ i.e. MTM as an IBM global training partner.

While our mentoring programs have showed students an early exposure to challenges faced in industries we have also helped them to prepare for a choice of their career with ease.

But with today’s Smart Collared Generation it’s all about catering to their “What’s in it for me” as these new collar jobs are not only about credentials but also about intuitive yet practical implementation of real tactical capabilities in live scenarios,”
Eg: Whizkid Tanmay Bakshi hacking the IBM code at IBM Code Day 2018

Having said that we need the right technologies, right people with the right skills in the right jobs and we need them so much here in the present context to which we have our diverse ad-hoc solutions segmented across sectors which we have successfully presented to our audience at the very recently concluded Bangalore Tech Summit 2018.

Amstar @ Bengaluru Tech Summit
We also have ‘Pay as you Earn’ embedded training program post which the benefit of the "IBM certification" commitment as a partner practically helps. So when they apply for companies this gives them a higher chance of getting hired as they are IBM Certified. The reason IBM chose us as their partner was due to Bangalore being a huge young population and fast-growing economy. In return via this activation we ensure that a “sustainable talent pool” for industry players in the future is available while making the country globally competitive. ‘

So the next time you get even a iota of doubt about

“What is your training need?”
“Is this training really required/apt for me?”
“Any other doubts in training”

Remember that we are there to assist you. We pride in providing best-in-class cutting edge training from data protection to cyber security strategies and incident responses which are the boom in new collar jobs and also ensure a business IT needs are well taken care of.
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