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Technology Reskilling - Need of the hour when we talk of Today’s Disruption in IT

At Amstar we strive consistently to merge Technology needs with Outcomes holistically through our diverse range of learning solutions to the IT sector globally. So when we read about Deportation scenario being brought about by the present administration in USA, We were shocked.

This move could tentatively force deportation of thousands of Indian H-1B visa holders who possess temporary US visas that allow companies to hire highly skilled foreign professionals working in areas with shortages of qualified American workers.

Although not finalized, there may be a scenario in near future where a forced deportation tactic could be inevitable. This is a tricky scenario for IT professionals as according to several reports, there are over 5 lakh Indian technology professionals who are working in the US on H-1B visa itself.

So question comes in picture? How can a professional keep himself abreast with so much dynamic changes happening around him.

So question comes in picture? How can a professional keep himself abreast with so much dynamic changes happening around him.

We accept that Change is inevitable, however at Amstar it has to be holistic in nature and thus we insist on Technology Reskilling with mapped purposes as the current need of the hour.

Here is what we have for professionals who are confused about What Technology Reskilling is all about and how to go about it “One Step at a time” to be ahead of the competition globally.

Full Steam Full Service: –The IT industry today is very dynamic and aggressive. Overlap of services is a certainty and migration to alternative skill sets is inevitable. Outcome based pay models may return as compared to Time based models. Cloud, IOT, Data modeling, Machine learning will take IT ahead to newer paradigms.

Human Resources will work on Overtime Ad-hoc basis: – The IT Industry will lean on newer and innovative approaches to Hire, Retain and Talent nurture. This is because Gen Z and younger Millenials will force companies to integrate and look at new job definitions, rotations, training, appraisals and remuneration etc. This in turn will change hierarchical paradigms of power and command chains existing formally in the IT sector.

Purpose vs. Positioning: – IT Solutions without outcomes will be phased out. CIO and CXO’s have been mapping this trend actively with an objective vs. outcome scenario. And if being addressed what are the tangible and intangible costs associated with it?

Upgrade yourself: – Self explanatory but something we tend to overlook. We insist you to get hold of a good training partner when it comes to IT to be ahead of the race. A Word of caution though as we have been in the industry vertical for more than a decade is “Never restrict to just a limited skill set” as you never know when it will be phased out.

Honesty is still the best policy: – Employers will seek transparency and authenticity from employees when it comes to niche skillsets. If not aware consult your HR Department about your concerns or get in touch with us and we can help you grow new heights at your present jobs starting today.

Sensitivity in service: – IT being disruptive and dynamic in today’s scenario is facing huge trends in new sectors unheard of. We are witnessing what we see as a beginning of a giant and sophisticated Technology Revolution. But at the heart of any revolution lies impeccable service and that becomes the key differentiator for any provider.

The Discontentment with Technology: –Technology will become more experiential. Machine and Human learning, Data Modeling will go hand in hand. Some may adapt and many will resent to it. But are you equipped well enough is the question we at Amstar have for you? As key trends impacting IT sector keep changing dynamically both on a micro and macro factor globally.

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