Bangalore Tech Summit 2018 Knowledge Talk Series
December 9, 2018
Are we connecting the Dots in Block-chain really well?
December 10, 2018

The Next Five Years Will See a Revolution in IT Training and Technology Consulting: How well are you equipped for it?

There’s a revolution building in training and technology consulting with far-reaching implications in AI, IoT, Blockchain and ML to name a few.

“We believe that in less than 5 years every IT application that will be produced will have a tentative hurdle in it,” and we are here to cater to that hurdle adds Mr. Joseph S Jayakumar, Director Amstar Technologies, IT veteran and thought leader whose partial list of successful clients include companies like Infosys, HP, Walmart etc to name a few.

We have not just delivering software trainings for Corporate Sectors and working professionals we have also helped enterprises in their enterprise consulting, critical project technical solutioning, successful project management as per the customer needs.

“Even a very conservative or niche market like the defence industry will eventually have to move to IoT and more data-oriented products like most other industries, and we will be there ready with the best products and solutions,” that can best cater to their needs.

Our experience post Bangalore Tech Summit 2018 is that there is a lot of awareness that needs to be created and thus the company is preparing to launch seminars/webinars on Artificial Intelligence, Block Chain, IBM Watson and other prominent technical areas etc on a fortnightly basis to its event audience to generate a higher conversion

Here are few takeaways from the event
- Change is in the process
- Capturing and reskilling efficiency to fuel the future
- Think tanks are always welcome to create new frameworks for success.
- Bangalore -The place where world assembles to innovate as fondly quoted by Shri Guarav Gupta, IT BT Secretary, GOK

Join the revolution by becoming a partner for our IT Training and Consulting wing today.

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