Amstar Technologies successfully participated at IBM Developer Day 2019
March 18, 2019
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March 21, 2019

What did IBM Developer Day teach us?

We just wrapped up IBM Developer Day on 14TH March 2019. This was a daylong event designed for developers to enhance their skills and gain hands on experience with the latest technology in areas of Cloud, AI and Data Science.
We were happy to deep dive into the latest IBM Open Source technologies through hands-on workshops, sessions and lightning demos and were also lucky to meet, connect and interact with other prominent IT thought leaders who are creating revolutions in the IT industry at large.
For the Developer community at large, IBM Developer Day 2019 was a blessing in disguise as they were
- Able to discover best practices for building Cloud native applications.
- Get Skill enhancement in the area of emerging technologies by attending hands-on workshops.
- Able to Meet and interact with the IBM Developer Advocates and other developers.

The mega announcement from IBM and NASSCOM who announced their ‘India Developer Champions’ a new multi-year program campaign to recognize developer contributions to the open source community was another positive takeaway.
While Amstar Technologies shall be initiating talks with NASSCOM to provide unhindered assistance to the benefit of developer community at large. There comes an element of curiosity and euphoria to our mind as we take a rain check about learning’s, developments at IBM Developer DAY 2019 which we are keen to share.
Yes IBM Dev Day was dubbed “The best developer conference ever” by many of our partners. But what made it unique were the thought leaders like Ginni Rometty, Sri Ram, Bob Lord, Shraddha Sharma, KS Viswanath etc who connected with developers to discuss on how the developer contribution is infact shaping industry trends. They also shared anecdotes and solutions to burning challenges and offered lively moderated discussions about working smarter via “Think Tank Brainstorming” sessions.
While the 2019 Developer Day Conference attendees had an opportunity to hear keynote Ginni Rometty present her tips for thriving in an ever-changing world. The highlight of this year’s event included 20 different breakout sessions in IT and IBM. This brought together the best and brightest from all IBM product lines who shared best practices and helped us gain tangible insights to take back to work.
Here are some of the most interesting insights and key takeaways from this year’s event
- Developers can provide instant gratification by automating processes from application and thus streamline hurdles at work
- While Culture, climate and career path all play a major part in diversity, the developer should be made comfortable at his work place
- Developers should use storytelling about what they are doing. This story-telling will lead to better awareness, interest among the non tech community as well
- Developers have to adapt to the constant changes around. They need to shift from a ‘Growth Mindset’ to a ‘CAT mindseti.e. Cope, Adjust and Transform mindset to be prepared for massive technology disruption.
- The key to successfully dealing with change in the 21st century is to implement adaptive mindsets in developers and using a solving framework built around coping, adjusting, and transforming consistently.
- As Gen Z primarily consumes content in the form of videos, images and games with an average attention span of 8 seconds. Developers should ensure that their client communication mediums should be optimized for an audience of “skimmers” and “scanners.”
- While automated communication tools powered by A.I. technology offer a great alternative to manually building exhaustive codes there should be an element of personalization
- Quality, Accountability, Flexibility and Transparency are 4 key pillars to consider when evaluating your technology needs.
- Utilize Technology to create more meaningful experiences
- While Fin Techs Face unique challenges compared to other tech startups, the key lies in having a good reskill and training mechanism as voiced out by KS Viswanathan, NASSCOM CEO at the conclave.
- The impetus should be on Improving Financial Wellness For Customers.

If you attended this year's IBM Developer Day 2019 Conference and are looking for session presentations, reskilling, training or IT consulting or any other resources from the conference, please contact us at [email protected]
We had a great time at the conference, and look forward to our continued partnership with IBM by being at IBM Developer Day 2020.
Looking to find out more about Amstar and the products we sell to make technology better? Don’t hesitate to get in touch today!
About Amstar Technologies:-
Amstar Technologies, a 12+ years old professionally managed Organization spearheaded by Mr. Joseph Jayakumar and Mr. Venkat Rao is an internationally acclaimed multi-faced organization having core competencies in Customized Information Technology Learning Services for Enterprises, Lateral Staffing Solutions i.e. RPO, Information Technology Consulting and Development, Infrastructure and Training Facility Management Services and Technical Content Development services. Our experienced professionals bring with them a wealth of industry relevant knowledge and operate in a manner that produces superior quality with outstanding results. AMSTAR’s proven, demonstrated and tested methodologies ensure a higher client satisfaction. AMSTAR with its global network of Delivery centers, support offices and Partners has committed to render the best service to their clients. This is in vision with our Commitment to Core values of Client Satisfaction, Professionalism, Teamwork, Respect, and Integrity.
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